Stock Valuation Calculator

The purpose of this calculator is to determine or verify the stock's BUYING PRICE based on EPS values.

No. of Years Data Available
Investment Period in Years
Year Stock Price EPS

Estimated EPS
Estimated Stock Price
Best Buy Price

  • This calculator is based on P/E formula.
  • This calculator can NOT be applicable for negative growth companies.
  • The stock price and EPS data for 3~5 years is needed for getting optimized outputs.
  • 'Curr' means current year, 'Curr-4' means before 4 years.
  • 'Stock Price' is the approx. stock price during financial results release.
  • 'EPS values' can be collected from Profit & Loss statement.
  • 'Data Available' is the number of years data collected.
  • 'Investment Period' is the number of years planning to invest.
  • The inflation value is taken as 8% in the calculations.
  • Safety margin is taken as 35% in the calculations.